Welcome to Silver Sage Chev

At Silver Sage Chev, we know that you appreciate a great value, and we know that your time is of great value... so if you're value shopping, don't forget how close to home Shaunavon is. Save time in purchasing and save time when you need service. Shop Shaunavon and save money. We're not into who's the king of this, or the queen of that... we're normal folks just like you. No gimmicks, no grand schemes... just good value from your local neighbor. Silver Sage Chev is the SOUTHWEST’S GM dealership.

Silver Sage Chev serves all of S.W. Saskatchewan and beyond for the past 26 years! We are proud to support many local communities and their organizations & teams through your support of us, and it's throughout all of S.W. Saskatchewan including Shaunavon, Frontier, Climax, Eastend, Gull Lake, Cadillac, Simmie, Consul, Robsart, Cabri, Webb, Val Marie, and even more communities!