The GM Protection Plan (GMPP) is a genuine General Motors of Canada product and has been providing "Service Second to None" for over 30 years. GMPP is the only extended service plan back by General Motors and the only protection guaranteed to be honoured at any GM dealership in Canada or the U.S.A.

The GM Protection Plan — Protection For You And Your GM Vehicle. Your car or light truck was built to exacting specifications. We are confident in its reliability, but normal vehicle usage may cause even the best components to fail occasionally. The GM Protection Plan is your safeguard against costly vehicle repairs and provides 'peace of mind' while you're on the road.

With the largest repair network in Canada and the United States, our commitment to you is to provide a worry-free driving experience. Silver Sage Chev, as part of the largest repair network in North America, offers professional, factory-trained technicians, using only new, GM remanufactured or non-GM remanufactured replacement parts in any GMPP repairs performed on your vehicle.

Standard= Included      Not Available= Not Available
  Total 'Plus' Custom Powertrain
Engine Standard Standard Standard
Transmission/Transaxle Standard Standard Standard
Front/Rear Wheel Drive Assembly Standard Standard Standard
Fuel and Engine Cooling Systems Standard Standard Standard
Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Standard Standard Not Available
Front Suspension Standard Standard Not Available
Electrical Standard Standard Not Available
Steering System Standard Standard Not Available
Braking System Components Standard Standard Not Available
High-Tech Features Standard Not Available Not Available
Accessories Standard Not Available Not Available
Exterior and Interior Standard Not Available Not Available
Rear Suspension Standard Not Available Not Available
Safety Assemblies Standard Not Available Not Available
Roadside Standard Not Available Not Available

If you would like to add the protection of GMPP and your vehicle is currently within the base warranty (even if it was sold elsewhere or bought second hand), we can do it over the phone or email with payment by credit card... it's that easy!  Contact us today and ask for our business manager to get you a cost.  Have your mileage and serial number handy and we'll find you several choices that can suit any budget.